Connect your staff, customers and partners Put simply, our networking service is beneficial for offices that wish to share resources such as a printer or internet connection among two or more computers. Our services include:
• Internet sharing (ADSL, cable or dial-up modem)
• Network installation
• Wireless network installation
• Support of networked PCs at home
• Automatic back-up systems to a local or remote drive
• Cabling service for networks.
The Network Services Division has a diverse range of options to suit your environment. Clear Intentions can assist you in designing a network-computing infrastructure from the ground up or can provide advice on upgrading an existing network. These networks function as local area networks (LAN’s) connecting computers together in an office environment. We also offer services that will connect branch offices whether it is in another building or another city – wide area networks (WAN’s). To access your company network from home or away from the office, a virtual private network (VPN) is used to provide secure, encrypted network communications between a network and a remote host or other remote network over the public internet.

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