Our company mi3infotech is a 15 year Old Experience company based in India. Our USP is PAN India supply of technical resource (as FMSe and RE) in nearly all A,B,C level towns. Our core competence is Man Power arrangements for short term and long term needs at PAN India Level. We are able to outsource skilled FM/ On call engineers at more than 500 Indian cities. Our existing team size is 500+ engineers deployed at various client’s locations.

We Don’t Sell, we don’t do any direct business.

We have been providing Manpower related services to Major IT companies based in Indian Metro Cities. We possess expertise and experience in following Services;

  1. Roll-out projects for any IT technology deployment (temporary term deployment & management of technical manpower)
  2. FMS – RE deployment & management of attendance, backup & even processes.
  3. New Installations of computers, servers, Notebooks & peripherals.
  4. Service Calls – OS troubleshooting, mail client support, Virus calls, Software installations and guided configurations
  5. AMC services.
  6. IT Inventory checkup.
  7. Man Power Resources

The Support methodologies are designed in such a way that;

  • Your customer’s satisfaction level is kept on top & Your SLAs with customers are fully respected.
  • The CE represents himself from your company only. No other business card or introduction is shared ever.
  • No local supplies are made or approached for since we are not into any kind of sales.
  • Your own service report is used in all the cases handled by us. We do not use any of our reports & challans.
  • We provide you single desk to follow-up for all support issues, they are well trained and responsible to meet critical service needs.